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Where do the prices come from?
Every day, a special algorithm monitors the price of every item at several different sources (trading site Steam and some private markets where items are sold for real money). Then, some formulas are used to determine more real price for the item, as the prices on the Steam trade site are usually far from real and may even be overstated 2 or 3 times. This makes it possible to avoid such cheats, and, moreover, gamers can assess their potential profit from selling skins.
I bought a item in Steam for $10, while your price is $5. Why?
It is most probable that this item can be bought at a third-party market, not in Steam, for 5–6 dollars. In Steam, the prices of skins are defined by users themselves, from which a markup (overstating) can often arise. Try to find this skin in another trade site where items are bought/sold for real money. In 99 per cent of instances, it turns out that the real price of the item is not higher than $6. But if you will not find such item for a price lower than that in Steam (it will be cheapest on our site), please inform our support service about this and provide a full name of the item.
Our site is not responsible for providing an inexact price for one or another skin. After you have logged in, before placing a bet, you can see on this page what the prices for your skins would be. You can find more detailed info and list of rules on the "Rules" page.